Exterior Wood Doors & Custom Finishes

Here at Mayo & Son Painting we pride ourselves on our custom finishes. From tables, chairs, shelving and kitchen cabinetry to garage doors, we stand by the look of perfection on any wood surface.  Not only are we fully equipped to completely paint and finish your home, we also have a complete paint and woodworking shop complete with environmentally-friendly paint booth and air filtration. We have the ability to custom finish your woodwork and cabinetry in completely controlled conditions to assure a perfect finish – every time!


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Staining brings beauty to any natural wood surface. Rather than putting a colored film over the surface, stain penetrates into the wood, carrying rich color and chemical protection into the pores of the wood, leaving the attractive grain visible, but infusing the whole surface with a warm glow. Stain can be used to change the color of a wooden surface, or it can simply brighten and refresh an existing tone!